Authenticity Guarantee

Let Our Expertise Be Your Peace of Mind

It’s Authentic, or Your Money Back

Buying gemstone jewelry products from strangers online can make you apprehensive; buying gemstones jewelry and watches is downright stressful. In an industry full of counterfeits, how can you tell if the preowned diamond ring you’re falling in love with online is genuine, or just a sparkly cubic zircon? 

To relieve the stress, we provide a fully-backed guarantee on all items of gemstones jewelry and descriptions that are presented on JewelryShuk, along with our Authenticity Promise.

Authenticity Promise

JewelryShuk promises that any item you receive through our site matches the seller’s description of the item. If it does not meet the seller’s description, we will fully refund the cost of the item, including all shipping & handling costs, no questions asked. It’s that simple.

JewelryShuk’s Role

Every item goes through a thorough review process to ensure it is 100% authentic and genuine. Our team of gemstones jewelry and watch experts carefully inspect every item we receive in order to ensure that it is consistent with the established quality standards.

JewelryShuk is not partnered or affiliated in any way with the brands available for sale on our site. JewelryShuk is a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers, created by experienced gemologists and jewelry experts.

The brands listed on the site are in no way involved in our authentication process. That process is done by our gemologists and watches experts. All trademarks appearing on the JewelryShuk site are the property of their respective owners.

When necessary, JewelryShuk cooperates fully with brands to prevent counterfeiting. This cooperation may extend to revealing the contact information of sellers who we believe are intentionally selling fake items.

JewelryShuk does not offer authentication services for pieces not intended to be listed or sold on our website.