Trust & Safety


When we ask our repeat customers why they keep coming back to JewelryShuk, across the board they echo ideas of trust. They love the reliable service, the transparency within each transaction, and the accountability built into the site. But most of all, our buyers and sellers appreciate the authentication process. As a neutral third party in the exchange, both sides of our clientele know that they can trust the results of our examination.


We know that JewelryShuk isn’t the only marketplace connecting buyers to sellers. But what makes us unique is the protections we put in place to ensure a safe and secure transaction for both parties. We built a number of safety precautions into our process, all designed to ensure that the seller receives the agreed-upon price, and the buyer receives the expected piece of jewelry. Those steps include:

Escrow Payments – Once the buyer commits to buying the jewelry, their payment is processed and held in an escrow account until the completion of the authentication process. Sellers don’t need to ship their valuables until the money is in hand, while buyers are protected from a bait and switch. If something goes wrong in the process, the money is returned to the buyer in full.

Authentication – Our experienced gemologists ensure that the jewelry for sale matches the description produced by the seller. This protects the buyer from any surprises or buying an inferior piece.

Secure Payment Gateway – Payments transferred from the buyer to the seller through our escrow account are done using state-of-the-art secure payment gateways.

Fraud Protection – The JewelryShuk security team monitors suspected buyers and sellers against fraud, so you have peace of mind that the sale will go through as promised.