Our goal is to process your order quickly and ensure its safe delivery. We will notify the seller as soon as you have placed your order. The seller then has to send the item to us. As soon as we receive it, we check its authenticity and condition and send it on to you. Unfortunately, we have no direct influence on how quickly the seller ships. Usually, you will receive your items within 7 – 10 days after your order is placed. Your order delivery method is determined according to your location and the total value of your order. It includes full insurance for the value of the item. You can expect delivery in 3 – 6 days after it is authenticated by JewelryShuk.

We will keep you up-to-date with its progress throughout the process.

Shipping cost

Purchase Price Shipping Fee                
₪0 – ₪1,999 ₪49                
₪2,000 – ₪2,999 ₪69                
₪3,000 – ₪4,999 ₪99                
₪5,000 – ₪7,999 ₪139                
₪8,000 and above ₪179                

Package Tracking

We will send an email notification with tracking information once your package has shipped. You can also Contact Us anytime to receive updated shipment information.

Delivery insurance

All shipments are fully insured and securely packed. In case of loss or thief, JewelryShuk will reimburse your funds in full.

Delivery exceptions

JewelryShuk works with sellers and collectors across the country to maintain accurate listings of their items online. In rare cases, we may be unable to successfully deliver items because of a mismatch in live inventory listings with our sellers. In such cases, JewelryShuk may cancel such orders if an item is unavailable, and make a full refund if the order has been paid for. The placement of an order does not guarantee the delivery of the item purchased.


Once a buyer has checked out and payment is made, sellers who list their item for sale will receive an email indicating that it’s time to ship their item to JewelryShuk for authentication. Since your item MUST arrive at JewelryShuk within 5 days of notification, we ask that you ship it the next business day to our warehouse per our instructions in the above-mentioned email, otherwise, your sale may be canceled and you would be responsible for any cancelation cost per our Term & Conditions.

We open all of your items on camera when they arrive in our warehouse and use video evidence to aid the processing of any insurance claims.  

For Immediate Offers, JewelryShuk offers free shipping and insurance when you sell your jewelry to us.