JewelryShuk has built an impeccable reputation based on taking care of both our buyers and sellers. Not only will we authenticate that what you bought is as advertised, we will provide both you and the seller with the reasons why we could not authenticate it if this is the case, allowing you to renegotiate the price or cancel your order for a full refund.

We also offer a refund (less shipping expenses) if you are not completely satisfied within five days of receiving your item.

Our team of experts bring over four decades of experience to the table and is comprised of a highly-trained team of specialists who follow a strict code of ethics defined and governed by international jewelry organizations.

JewelryShuk accepts PayPal and all major credit cards.

After purchasing your item, the seller is notified, and has five days to deliver the jewelry to JewelryShuk. It takes us 2 – 4 business days to authenticate the item, and then up to 5 business days for the item to be shipped to you. You can expect delivery in 10 – 14 days from the time you make your purchase.

Unfortunately, as this is an online marketing place, and for security concerns, you are unable to see the item in person before buying it. Our 5-day money back guarantee makes it convenient to shop from the comfort of your home or office.

You can communicate anonymously with the seller by filling out the Message the Seller form on each item page. Our terms of service allow you to contact the seller only through our site. JewelryShuk does not allow making any transactions with buyers or sellers outside of our secured platform since doing so could leave you highly vulnerable to fraud.

Prices on JewelryShuk are set by the seller. If you would like to offer a lower price, you can do so by using the Message the Seller feature on the product page.

Yes, every item is fully insured against loss or theft during shipment.

JewelryShuk offers a full refund, less the shipping & handling fee, when contacting us within 5 days of you receiving the item and provided that our gemologist confirms that the item, including paperwork and boxes that you may have received, are still in the same condition you received them in when received and shipped by JewelryShuk.

JewelryShuk protects buyers through our authentication process, ensuring that the item you are buying is as advertised and, most importantly, authentic. That’s peace of mind which you won’t find elsewhere.

One of the benefits to using JewelryShuk is the protection we offer through our authentication process. If the item is found to be not as described, we will notify both you and the seller of the discrepancies between the description and the actual item. At that point, the buyer can either negotiate a price based on our assessment or cancel your order for a full refund, including all shipping and handling fees.

JewelryShuk pledges authenticity and each item with us is covered with a money-back guarantee. In a rare scenario, if you feel an item is not authentic, you may return the item and claim a 100% refund, including all shipping fees. Please contact us, or email at info@jewelryshuk.co.il to resolve it promptly.

JewelryShuk has built a strong reputation based on taking care of both our Buyers and Sellers. When someone purchases your item, we receive payment from them, and hold it in escrow. After receiving and authenticating that your jewelry is as advertised, we release payment to your account seven business days after the Buyer receives your item.

Yes, simply contact JewelryShuk through our Contact Us form, with a phone number and a good time to call. We will be in touch within one business day, and get the information we need to list your item.

Yes, every field that you fill out can be changed after the item is listed.

Items remain listed on JewelryShuk for 90 days. Listings can be renewed upon request. Listing an item is always free.

When your item sells, JewelryShuk receives a 24% commission of the sale price. If your item doesn’t sell, there is no charge to you.

You can expect payment approximately three weeks from the time you ship your item to us or seven days after your item is delivered to the Buyer and our refund guarantee expires. Please see our Returns & Exchange policy for details.

Yes, your item is insured for the sale price, ensuring that you are always protected.

JewelryShuk is a marketplace for all types of fine jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, watches, and collectibles.

The protection JewelryShuk offers buyers gives them the peace of mind that what they are buying matches the description advertised, making it more likely that they will buy through our service than other online marketplaces which are unable to guarantee authentication. Furthermore, there are no meeting strangers in strange places with your cherished valuables.

As a general rule, our sellers receive approximately 50%-75% of the original purchase price. This is a much higher rate of return than you would expect from a retail jewelry store or auction house.

Your jewelry does not have to be in excellent condition to sell on JewelryShuk. Jewelry and precious metals are appraised based on their gemstone type, metal content and weight. Thus we can still sell them even if they are well-worn and scratched. Watches, however, will achieve a better sale value if they are in proper working condition. It is always preferable to receive valuables with their original box, paperwork, and/or jewelry reports.

There are several ways you can come up with a price for your jewelry. You can look around our site for similar items, and list a comparable price, or you can have the experts at JewelryShuk recommend a price based on your description. Just Contact Us for help.

Both you and the buyer will be notified. The buyer has the option to move forward with the purchase, renegotiate the price, or cancel the order. Please be aware that in cases that JewelryShuk receives an item NOT as described in the listing, the Seller is responsible for a 15% handling fee to have the item returned.

If you decide for any reason not to have the item shipped to us for inspection, you will be charged a 15% service fee of the listed price, in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

We process returns from buyers, so you don’t have to. When a buyer returns an item, it comes to us for evaluation and inspection to ensure it is in the same conditions as it was before it was shipped. We cover the cost of return shipping and handling. You get your item back safely and then you can re-list it.