Why Sell With Us

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your preowned jewelry, JewelryShuk is the ideal marketplace. Typically, you’ll find higher returns, faster payment, and terrific service on our site.

Higher Returns

Most preowned jewelry today is sold through jewelry stores. Those stores normally pay less than half the value of the jewelry or watch, as they need to make a profit when they sell it to their customers. With JewelryShuk, you can set the price you think is fair, and keep all of it, less our commission. 

Faster Payments

When you sell preowned jewelry through a jewelry store, you’re limited to the customers who walk in the door. Most of those customers are not necessarily looking for preowned merchandise, and more often than not you won’t get paid until the item is sold.

With JewelryShuk, our high-traffic site attracts customers who are interested in preowned jewelry and watches. Once your item sells, you’ll typically receive payment within 7 – 10 days of authentication. 

Terrific Service

The staff at JewelryShuk is well versed in jewelry. We can advise you on the price, help you with the description, and if you want to sell your jewelry right away, we will make a fair offer. 

We also provide our Authenticity Guarantee, so buyers know they can trust the merchandise they see for sale on JewelryShuk.