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Reviews from buyers and sellers

Such a good deal! I finally sold on JewelryShuk my vintage citrine ring that was stuck in its box for years. I will use that money to buy a gift for my grand-child.

Jody M. / Haifa

My mother had this old watch that she wanted me to have. I rarely managed to wear it so she suggested to sell it and get something else with the money, which I actually did thanks to JewelryShuk.

Paula I. / Jerusalem

I love your site. Such beautiful pieces with a story! I just bought a necklace for my grand-daughter’s wedding. She is thrilled!

Miriam G. / Ashkelon

I found the engagement ring I wanted to propose with for my now wife. She simply loved that it was unique and with a story!

David G. / Rishon LeTsiyon

I like the concept that no matter what you can either sell it or list it.  The staff is super professional and responsive at JewelryShuk.

Moshe S. / Modi'in

Another second hand luxury online store that sells beautiful jewelry and watches. Don’t miss out on the vintage pieces which are priceless.

Chana Y. / Beit Yehoshua