Why We Verify

Verifying that preowned jewelry is authentic isn’t just some fancy sales trick. It’s the reason you can trust purchases you make with JewelryShuk. We do more than merely back up our verification with words. We put our Authentication Promise behind every item sold on our site, creating a win-win environment for buyers and sellers alike.

How Buyers Benefit from Verification

Buying anything online is full of risks, and you’ve probably heard horror stories of jewelry purchases gone awry. At JewelryShuk, you’re protected from bad actors trying to take advantage of you. We view our authentication process as an essential step in your purchase.

How Sellers Benefit from Verification

When buyers in a marketplace know they are getting the real deal, sellers can charge actual market value for their goods without discounting it to counter fears of forgeries. With our trusted environment, we also open the market to people who would have otherwise avoided purchasing preowned jewelry online.

How We Verify

Our experienced gemologists and qualified watch experts examine each item in the JewelryShuk lab.

What We Verify

It’s important to understand that we are verifying that your purchase matches the description claimed by the seller. We ensure that jewelry, watches, and collectibles match the type of gemstone, carat weight, type of metal, brand, and condition that the seller claimed. 

Although our verification process does not determine whether the agreed-upon price was fair. It does authenticate that the item purchased matches the seller’s description.